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Terms of Use

The user accepts full responsibility pertaining the content and fulfillment of their ad. FreeAdsAnytime likewise accepts no responsibility as to the validity or fulfillment of the listings. Do not respond to any suspicious ads or requests. Report all malicious and deceptive ads immediately through the moderation and/or the authorities. Report any criminal activity immediately to the proper authorities. Watch out for scams; do not give out personal information, credit or bank information. Always meet sellers/buyers in a public place and keep safety in mind.

The user also agrees not to spam, scam, or offend. FreeAdsAnytime offers no guarantee of hosting. Listings and users that violate these Terms of Service will be blocked, deleted and banned. This is a friendly place and to keep it that way we can not allow obtrusive advertising; fraudulent advertising, services, or behavior; or offensive, insensitive, or gross content. Maybe there are some other websites or classifieds lists that will let their users be exposed to these; but not us.

Privacy Policy

The personal data of our customers will be protected by all possible means.
It is our responsibility to inform you that by filling our form your personal data will be stored and processed in files owned by FreeAdsAnytime.com in order to allow execution of the services requested and / or send informative material (and to keep you informed, including by electronic means, on issues related to the activity of the Company and its services.)
You can exercise at any time rectification, cancellation and opposition of our personal policy by email to the administrator: FreeAdsAnytime@gmail.com
We shall not in any case, for any reason, communicate or disclose your information to third parties who are not part of the contracted services.


This site adopts considerable measures to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information under our control. No customer data is transferred to third parties who are not part of the process of contracting services. However, we can not held accountable if security is breached, whether through our servers, the shared network connection, or through your personal network. Any use of this site and any information divulged thereon is at your own risk.
If you have any questions or concerns about our security and privacy policy or regarding the practices carried out on our site you can contact us at the following address: FreeAdsAnytime@gmail.com